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Love Lust Lies

Film director Sander Brandts has spent twenty years building a sterling reputation as a tough but visionary creative mastermind. The one rule of professional ethics he would never break: Directors must never sleep with their actresses. Until the day he does.

Delicate aspiring actress Sascha Overhagen is creative, passionate, and unbelievably sexy. She’s also trapped in an abusive marriage and desperately needs a knight in shining armour. Sander’s own modern marriage gives him the freedom to pursue outside dalliances, but, as he starts to realize, Sascha is much more than a dalliance.

His treasured home life with his understanding wife Valerie starts to crumble under the weight of Sascha’s constant phone calls and urgent requests. Sascha's trickle of necessary lies to her abusive husband makes

Sander suspect that he might be played as well. Moreover, Sascha is strangely absent and unreachable every now and then and provides him with conflicting satements of her whereabouts. Sander finds himself possessed by paranoia and resentment.

When Sander catches Sascha while texting hearts and kisses, she tells him about Dave, an unbalanced man she met in a train. Sander feels she is only sharp-set for attention but when he finally discovers that Sascha is making all the same special commitments to this Dave, he starts to wonder how much of his relationship is a fiction Sascha herself has written.