This is the story of Dave. A gentle young man ravaged by the hounds of love. His world is all about Annette. Stunning, dark and erotic Annette, she is the ultimate fantasy of any man with life coursing through his veins.
Annette breaks Dave’s heart. She runs away with his older brother Peter. Dave consoles himself by creating a fantasy cartoon character, an action heroine, named Andromeda. Andromeda is the perfect image of Annette. Published in a pulp magazine, Andromeda even turns out to be a commercial success.
But Andromeda becomes more then just a fantasy in Dave’s life as the veil between fact and fiction begins to blur.

Two years after their break-up he sees a picture of Annette in a magazine, it turns out she works as an escort girl in a classy brothel. In shock Dave is determined to rescue her and he steps into a world he has only fantasized about. With the help of his imaginary Andromeda he tracks Annette down and confronts her.

But the reality is that there is no future for them despite his hopeless protestations. She argues. He begs. She fights. He tries to hold her tight again. At the peak of their struggle, she finally gives in. Even better, she gratefully accepts his help to escape this underworld.

That puts him on his brothers hitlist.